Best of Tennessee Gift Basket

Made in TN

We curated our favorite goodies from all over the state for a good mix of items made in Chattanooga, Knoxville, Memphis, Nashville, and more.  This ultimate basket of Tennessee's best is a crowd pleaser and one of our most popular gift baskets! 

  • 2 Boxes of Willa's Shortbread (Made in Nashville) 
  • Bongo Java Coffee (Made in Nashville) 
  • Meatsa Beef Jerky (Made in Centerville) 
  • Noke's Chattabrew Beer Nuts (Made in Chattanooga) 
  • Nashville Hot Cheddar Popcorn (Made in Nashville) 
  • Shotwell Salted Caramels (Made in Memphis) 
  • Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Bar (Made in Nashville) 
  • 2 GooGoo Clusters (Made in Nashville) 
  • Chocolate Moonpie (Made in Chattanooga) 
  • Travel Size Hoff Hot Sauce  (Made in Chattanooga) 
  • TriStar Camper Mug (Made in Nashville) 
  • Bourbon BBQ Seasoning (Made in Mount Pleasant) 
  • Tennessee Jerk Seasoning (Made in Knoxville) 
  • Scenic City Seasoning (Made in Chattanooga) 
  • The Rustic House Candle  (Made in Chattanooga) 
  • Set of 2 Tennessee Magnets (Made in Knoxville)