Thistle Farms Roll On Healing Essential Oils


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Soothing essential oil blends made by Thistle Farms in Nashville TN. 

  • Relief: Cooling and grounding, with Peppermint, Rosemary, and Frankincense
  • Immunity: Herbal, with a light, clarifying menthol aroma
  • Focus: Zesty mint and citrus notes, with a sweet floral essence
  • Comfort: Warming and relaxing, with clary sage, clove + ylang-ylang
  • Calm: Soft citrus with a sweet and earthy aroma
  • Balance: Warm and grounding, featuring lemon, lavender, and rose geranium
  • Breathe: Refreshing and soothing with Eucalyptus smithii, Niaouli, Peppermint, and Frankincense